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A Place to Learn, Explore and Grow

At Farran Street Quality Childcare Centre we have three dedicated learning spaces. Each is complete with their own indoor and outdoor environments which are designed to enhance imagination and create a sense of adventure. These learning spaces have been designed specifically to foster learning and discovery with the aim of introducing children to themselves and one another.

Our three learning spaces are named in Dharawal, a dialect of our first peoples language:

Birrung (ages 0 – 2)

In the Birrung (Pronounced Bee-rung) room we foster secure attachments and the growth of emotions. You’ll see waves goodbye, kisses blown and lots of smiles. We cherish the opportunities to encourage the child to make choices about their care in an unhurried and supportive environment.

In our Birung room, we believe routines provide babies with stability and safety and we are happy to align to your home routines at Farran Street. Keeping your child’s routine consistent with what you do at home helps in the settling process and fosters a strong sense of belonging.

Yanada (ages 2 - 3)

In the Yanada (Pronounced Yah-nah-dah) room we foster the explosion of language and beginning of big personality. You’ll see walking, running, kicking and jumping as children try to make sense of their new-found mobility. Small friendships are formed as they start to discover their place in the world.

Toddlers begin to recognize and enjoy the absurd. They love to laugh and enjoy letting you know they’re in on the joke! They are sensitive to the feelings of their friends and will often mimic their emotions. We believe empathy needs to be repeatedly modelled and encouraged in toddlers so it becomes embedded as part of their behaviour.

Guwing (ages 3 – 5)

In the Guwing (Pronounced Gah-wing) room we foster strong cognitive growth and the foundations for academic excellence. Physical skills skyrocket and emotional regulation begins to develop. All children are unique individuals who come to us with their own ‘virtual school bags’ filled with unique experiences, knowledge, skills and learning dispositions. In the Guwing room children are beginning to become more sensitive to the feelings of others. We focus on learning to share and showing compassion. As cognitive skills grow we support the development of logic and reasoning skills along with an understanding of fairness and social justice.