We Believe in Endless Possibilities

At Farran Street Quality Child Care we believe that each child is a unique individual in their own right and that their special abilities, interests and backgrounds are a very important contribution to the community. We believe that children are capable, strong beings who can learn from their own mistakes to develop a sense of their own agency. It is our job to ensure that children are introduced to themselves, in a safe hygienic and secure environment, allowing them to learn who they are and what they can be.

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We believe play is the most important learning tool a young child has. Through play they can construct their own understanding of their world.

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Our learning program promotes the development of autonomy and the goal of interdependence.

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Families are encouraged to participate and be integrated into the children's learning experiences.

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We pride ourselves on providing healthy, nutritious and culturally inclusive meals, all cooked fresh on site by our in-house chef.

Approaches to Learning

Our Curriculum has been designed to set the foundation for your child’s Educational future. Our learning programs are designed to maximise your child’s learning opportunities and expose them to various experiences to ensure successful life outcomes.

Our approaches represent an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. We see the child as strong, capable and resilient. They are rich with wonder and knowledge. Each child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.

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Our Wellness Approach

Children learn about the impact that we have on the planet. We focus on cultivating harmony in mind, spirit and the land. We focus on healthy lifestyle choices. The food we pick from our garden goes into our lunch to nourish our bodies.

Includes, yoga, bushwalking in the national park, cooking classes and horticulture.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Learning happens in the most unexpected places. Farran Street has partnered with two local aged care facilities to create an Intergenerational learning program. Intergenerational programs give children the opportunity to learn from and connect with an older generation and enhance the overall well-being of both young and old participants.

Includes, nursing home visits, family groupings and celebrations such as Diwali, Chinese New Year and Grandparents Day.

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Community Involvement and Reconciliation

Children at Farran Street learn to be great citizens. They learn to contribute and participate in society. As part of our commitment to reconciliation, our children engage in meaningful reconciliation initiatives. This helps foster a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

Includes, visits to the local library for story time and to borrow books, primary school orientations and Narragunnawali participation.

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School Readiness Program

Going to “Big School” is a milestone for your child and yourself. Our pencil case program focuses specifically on the areas of social interaction, language, emotional development, physical skills, literacy and fine motor skills.

Includes, STEM experiments, language lessons and preschool pencil case program.