The pre school room comprises 14 children and 3 diploma trained staff. The room has two beautiful large sun drenched balconies where the children are free to participate in any activities they choose. The program has a indoor / outdoor philosophy allowing children the freedom of indoor or outdoor play. Various activities are set up to continually stimulate young minds these include maths and science experiments. These activities are carefully crafted into an integrated educational program.

Children in the Pre School room are encouraged to discuss their interests. These interests are then investigated and incorporated into the educational program. Meal times in the Pre School room are a time of discussion and healthy enjoyable meals. Fresh food is essential for healthy children as well as plenty of water which is always available.

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Libby and Brett (Georgia and Maddison's Mum)
Talks about a good start in life!
"I value your calm practical and organized manner. I appreciate the unconditional care, love, nurturing, cuddles, stories, songs, rabbits... that are synonymous with all that you do. Thank you so much for helping my girls to a good start in life. We will never forget you!"

School Readiness Program

Children are taught to respect themselves and others. This respect is facilitated through the development of core skills such as;

  • cleaning up after themselves, activities and meals,
  • packing their bags, placing their hats on hooks and
  • encouraging them to look after themselves and their belongings.

Children in the Pre School room are encouraged to be self sufficient, resilient and develop a positive sense of self. This is created by providing children with lunchboxes in term 4 and teaching them how to unwrap plastic wrappings on sandwiches, open poppers with straws and how to avoid spilling drinks out of the carton. All the skill which are necessary for a successful transition into primary school.

Social and problem solving skills are considered essential in our School Readiness program. Social skills mean that children should know how to play with others, make friends, and be able to start a conversation with adults or peers. Children develop problem solving skills though sequencing and sorting activities. Writing skills, recognising colours, numbers and letters are all integrated into the School Readiness program.

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School Visits
Children visit Mowbray Primary School once a week in term 3. These visits are for children who will be attending school the following year. These visits ensure a smooth transition into primary school.

Visits to the Centre by Professionals
These include visits by:
Farm Animals
Story tellers
Science Museums

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