The Staff at Farran Street Quality Child Care Centre are committed to providing a warm caring positive environment for all involved with the service. This ensures that children are able to develop to their fullest potential at their own pace and to gain independence and positive self esteem.

"The philosophy of Farran Street is that children should be introduced to themselves. They should be allowed to learn who they are and what they can be. The purpose of early education at Farran Street is to foster competence in dealing with life, learning to live comfortably with others, planning to master and safely express one's feelings, learning to love life and welcome new experiences. Children should be loved unconditionally and their trust treasured so that they will benefit to their full potential under our care."

Frances Pattra - Director

Farran Street for Children

We aim to provide a safe, happy, healthy environment which recognizes the special needs and talents of each child.

We strive to foster the development of independence and a feeling of self worth, achieving this by ensuring that all aspects of the child's developmental needs are programmed for and periodically assessed.

We aim to ensure that children develop autonomy, independence and self reliance.

Farran Street for Families

Farran Street aims to provide families with the opportunity to participate at all levels and at all times in their children's care and education, actively encouraging such participation. Individual parenting styles are respected and families are encouraged to share skills and interests. Staff see parents as "partners" in their child's education. We strive to ensure families feel comfortable discussing matters concerning their child with the staff and aim to support families from all cultural, religious and Socio-economic backgrounds.

Farran Street for Staff

We value the unique knowledge, skills, experience and individuality each staff member brings with them to Farran Street. We aim to provide the opportunity, environment and resources for them to perform in the best way possible.

The Staff is a rich resource of cultural awareness and is encouraged to work with families to enhance children's cultural experiences. All staff attend in-service courses throughout the year.

Farran Street for the Community

The centre is committed to providing a quality service in response to the needs of the community.

We work in collaboration with other community services such as Government Departments, Area Health Services, Early Intervention and Multicultural Resource Centers in the area through inter-communication and referrals.

We interact with a variety of community groups such as Libraries, Resource Centres and other child care centres through hosting special events. This, we feel helps children and adults develop a strong sense of the community in which we live.

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Bronwyn (Julian's Mum)
Talks about spending time at Farran Street
"I was amazed at how smoothly everything went and the children were all very relaxed and at home at the centre."

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