Farran Street Quality Child Care Centre is set in a lovely 1950's double brick house, which has been lovingly converted into a state of the art child care centre. The centre was open in 1996 by Frances Pattra. Previously a family home the centre now boasts a fully equipped commercial kitchen, 2 babies play areas, a babies rest room, purpose built nappy change, a pre-school room and a large outdoor shaded play area.

France Pattra has worked in child care for over 20 years. After bringing up her two boys, Frances completed her studies in Child Care as a mature age student. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the centre, and it is her unique touch that ensures a warm, loving, fun and educational environment.

The centre has now catered for hundreds of children and families and prides itself on being a "home away from home." The Centre is a place where children feel safe and free to explore themselves and their surroundings.

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Bronwyn (Julian's Mum)
Talks about spending time @ Farran Street
"I was amazed at how smoothly everything went and the children were all very relaxed and at home at the centre.
Cuddles were given out freely and the staff didn't need an excuse to hug all the children. Just as the room was filled with music, the staff also catered for quiet time throughout the day and I noticed that Julian could escape to the little verandah if he wanted to do some quiet reading of his own. "

Libby and Brett (Georgia and Maddison's Mum)
Talk about a good start in life!
"Time has come we are moving on from Farran street. Both our girls are happy, content and well equipped for life. This is due to the wonderful influence you have had with both Georgia and Maddison in those very special younger years. I value your calm practical and organized manner. I appreciate the unconditional care, love, nurturing, cuddles, stories, songs, rabbits…. that are synonymous with all that you do.
Thank you so much for helping my girls to a good start in life. We will never forget you!"

Andree and Paul (Lachlan's Parents)
Talk about Family @ Farran Street
"Paul and I have been extremely happy with the level of care Lachlan has received, he always speaks fondly of 'daycare' and loves telling us about his day, showing (us) his latest artwork or singing a new song. You and your wonderful staff are entrusted with our special babies and at all times we have left him knowing that he was in a loving and caring environment.
You have created a 'Family' atmosphere at Farran street and you are to be congratulated for the love you show to all."

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Marc and Junko (Vincent's Parents)
Talk about Values @ Farran Street
"Apart from the general education you have provided, we are especially pleased with the care, concern and values you have reinforced in Vincent as a person.
These qualities have greatly contributed to the way Vincent sees the world and acts within it."

Juliette (Adrian's Mum)
Talks about spending time @ Farran Street
"For the parents who, like me, work Monday to Friday and really don't get into a daily routine on the weekends, it is an eye opener (to see) not only into how your child behaves with others but how well the Farran Street team works together and with the children.
The Farran Street team would have to be the fittest, calmest, most patient, tolerant and understanding people I have ever met.
A big thank you for doing such a great job to Frances and her team"

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