The babies room is a very special place at Farran Street. Unlike the large commercial centres, the first thing you notice about Farran Street is the warm homely, loving atmosphere. Having a high staff to children ratio in this room allows carers to create loving and nurturing bonds with the children in their care.

This well resourced room, has equipment ranging from blocks, books, art, craft, dress -ups, aesthetic area, multicultural / multilingual music, and a quiet loving ambiance which sometimes excites and sometimes relaxes all designed to meet the behavioral and cognitive needs of your child.

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Andree and Paul (Lachlan's Parents)
Talks about Family @ Farran Street
"You and your wonderful staff are entrusted with our special babies and at all times we have left him knowing that he was in a loving and caring environment. You have created a 'Family' atmosphere at Farran street and you are to be congratulated for the love you show to all."


We respect each child as an individual and therefore we provide a child centred approach program that focuses on the individual child's needs, strengths and interests through observations and ensure all developmental areas are covered. All activities provided are age/stage appropriate. Our philosophy supports the view that all children are treated equally regarding gender, age, race, language ability or culture.


We provide activities that cater for:

  • Gross and Fine motor skills.
  • Language and Problem solving skills and
  • Emotional and Social development skills.


We communicate using a wide range of methods:
Notice board,
Communication book,
Suggestion box,
Daily Sheets
as well as verbal interactions.

Families are encouraged to share knowledge of their child with the staff to allow us to care for their children to the best of our ability. Overall, we are a continually changing centre that provides a safe environment for all who come to our home. We strive to provide a high standard of care at all times.

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  • To respect each child, staff member and families as individuals with their own unique background and skills.
  • To meet the needs of each individual child and family.
  • To teach respect for each other and self, the equipment and the centre .
  • To develop individual strengths, needs and interests.
  • To grow and develop as individuals.
  • To develop positive self image and understanding.
  • To support and extend self esteem.
  • To develop and to support self development.
  • To understand our own limitations and try to challenge this continually.
  • To provide a safe and hygienic environment.
  • To provide a loving and supportive environment.

In the 0-2 year room we strive to provide a warm, safe, happy, caring, relaxed environment that is stimulating for children, staff and parents.

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